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  • This email campaign extends through December 5th, when the board will decide how to use 37M in one-time state funds.

  • Don’t underestimate how your individual email communication can contribute to an effective collective response!

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  • Mention school closures or state funding in the subject (e.g., Use $37 million to balance the budget; Don’t close our schools!)

  • Need a little more background? Check out this ADN letter, this op-ed on Inlet View, these talking points, and additional content on this website.

Email for the board


To the Anchorage School Board and District Leadership:

Please take the closure of our neighborhood schools off the table this year and use the remaining $37 million in one-time state funds to help fill next year’s budget gap.

The proposed approach to closing schools exacerbates inequities and is bad for kids, families, and neighborhoods.

Political pressure to close schools is out of place and has undermined trust in the district’s recommendation.

Please pursue budget solutions that do not contribute to greater disruptions for families continuing to find a new normal after the pandemic.

Instead of voting this month to close schools, vote to shift from a top-down approach to one that includes the Anchorage public in the development of long term solutions consistent with community-informed values.

It is time to unlock the potential of local expertise and the good will of civically-minded residents.